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  As one of Chaozhou people, Mr. ZHEXIN ZHANG dare to think、dare to work、dare to win the success and catch the business chance.

  Mr. ZHEXING ZHANG(male) who is the general manager of Chongqing KEBAO cable co., ltd. is born on December,1974. As CHAOZHOU people, he has the genes of Chaozhou people which is uneasy with the status ,and he has the spirit to dare to think, dare to do and dare to success. As everybody known, so many story for great deed as that the Chaozhou people who is in all previous dynasties for working hard, struggled to overseas for survival and development. The CHAOZHOU people is the east “jews” with their Entrepreneurial spirit、working hard and Have the courage to blaze new trails.

  On 2007, for the positive response to the call of national western development, He resolutely to  set up Chongqing KEBAO cable co., LTD. His decisive decision-making also is the first signing in enterprises of the Li Du industrial park, Fuling district, Chongqing city.  

  Since 1996, Mr. Zhexin Zhang, who is the manager of the Shantou power engineering equipment , Served as general manager of east can power supplies co., LTD in Shantou city、general manager of Shantou Juncheng material co., LTD、general manager of Chongqing JINHUA cable col., ltd., and from 2007 to now, he is the general manager manger of Chongqing KEBAO cable co., ltd..

  On his working way, and always through the spirit of - "innovation" and "struggle". He put forward enterprise spirit with "unity, hard work, create the future" since he is the general manager of Chongqing KEBAO cable co., ltd.. he gives rich cultural connotation for KEBAO cable company, Also seared the sprit of "struggle" and "innovation" of KEBAO people in Chongqing. At the same time, the KEBAO team makes struggle in adhering to the concept of continuous innovation, in a short time , the output value of KEBAO company has doubled, has won the reputation and status in the cable intra-industry.

  Till now, our company had won the "Science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises,consumer trustworthy enterprise ", "statistical work advanced collective", "outstanding unit" on Guangdong & Chongqing economic and trade cooperation exhibition, "outstanding contribution unit" construction of key projects of Fuling district in 2009 years,” the contract and keep credibility" unit honors in Fuling district, is selected "vice-chairman unit " of Guangdong chamber of commerce in Chongqing, “executive director” of the the chongqing overseas exchange association.

  It is also an attractive and good-hearted person for MR. ZHEXIN ZHANG. In December 2009. Mr. XILAI BO who is Chongqing municipal party committee secretary、mayor QIFAN HUANG and YANGWANG who is the Guangdong municipal party committee secretary praised him and his team on YU-YUE cooperation fair. In August 2010, Mr. ZHEXIN ZHANG nominated for "Chongqing ten innovation characters" (for 30 strong), December 2010, he was "the third ten outstanding youth" table of Chongqing Fuling nomination. From 2006 to now, he has been keen to public welfare undertakings, and many times to participate in social charity activities, such as "5.12 earthquake donation", "Chongqing Cixi elementary school fundraising", "Chongqing Chaoqing cup basketball game sponsored", " funded the youth corps which is established by Fuling group area youth corps committee ", "Chongqing love dictionary donation".

  All this makes us deeply feel: Mr. ZHEXING ZHANG is a person with attractive and compassion, and the company of EKKBAO cable is a innovative team.

  For the technology innovation, Although he thought the manufacturing of power cable is a relatively mature industry, market competition is intense, technology is relatively mature, but he thinks that "the more mature technology, hard work, the more we want to be in innovation to be ahead in the market competition, we should spend 10 times kung-fu for the more than the counterparts in terms of innovation, spend one hundred times longer than other emerging industry. To this end, from the company's founding, he led the team from each technical details, trial and error, strives for perfection. Within the enterprise, meanwhile, has built an atmosphere of innovation, such as the "move the line", "feeding machine" and so on, one after another economic applicable small invention, creation are came out, enhance the technical level of the enterprise.

  In the aspect of management, usually he said: "our team is a young team, our enterprise is a young enterprise. It is because the young, we can accept new things faster, our pace should be to get bigger in the management.” For his words, the enterprise have been done a lot of works in the management mechanism, technology development, market development, process design, human resource management, quality management, information construction bold attempt, bold innovation, in building a resource effective sharing of enterprise organizational structure, strengthen service function, strengthen the market reaction speed.  Significantly increased the level of enterprise management and enterprise core competitiveness.

  Hard work with more success, at the same time enterprise has won the market recognition, also won the trust of the broad masses of worker, enhance the cohesive affinity of the enterprise and centripetal force and creativity.  He will   lead our KEBAO cable company to go on the way of a world-class wire and cable manufacturing industry, and will be more nice in future.

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