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    Mineral Insulated Cables (hereinafter “MI” cables) is made for: outer of cable is metal sheath by seamless metal tube and mineral powder insulation layer is between metal sheath and metal core with closely compacted. It is especially suitable for high safety requirements particularly and environment conditions particularly poor place with its material and structure characters. With the development of economy, our country began to provisions in fire prevention design specification and extensive use of mineral insulated cable.
    Following characters:
    HIGH QUALITY FOR FIRE RESISTANCE: the product does not been cause a fire by itself, and cold not burn or fire. Under the flame temperature of 950 degrees, it will continue to run in time more than 180 minutes. Currently it is the power supply capacity for 3 hours in the fire under 1000 degrees and can be withstand the spray and impacts the safety of cable.
    Smoke-free halogen-free safe:
    Mineral insulated is all by inorganic group from, even under the condition of fire, also it won't produce smoke and toxic gases by cable nature.
    Large carrying capacity and resistance to overload ability: In the same traffic load conditions and the same temperature conditions, if the temperature is reached at 90 degree celsius, and within a certain period of time under overload current will not destroy the normal operation of lines. For 25 square meters, its section is smaller than ordinary fire-resistant cable a section level, for 35 square or above will be two or three smaller section level.
Corrosion resistance, waterproof, explosion-proof.
    Mineral insulated cable by copper sheath is seamless tube, water、oil and gas can't be permeated to the cable, can be working for a long time in the water. But extrusion a layer of organic material by low-smoke halogen-free which is outside of the copper sheath can be more effectively reduced the external environment for the corrosion of the cable. Mineral insulated cable with copper sheath is seamless copper tube, and fan of mineral powder and tight compaction, because has excellent flame retardant properties, combustible gas and the flame will not be able to be harm for the cable connection of electrical equipment, it have the explosion-proof features.
    Mechanical performance is perfect: Because the conductor and the sheath of the mineral insulated cable are copper mostly, this kind of metal have a certain strength and good wayward. After the destruction test such as subjected to bending, flattening, internal structure of cable is tightness and cable sheath is intact. So it can be withstand the extrusion test.
    Laying explosion-proof, economical and practical: Mineral insulated cable has excellent toughness and can be bent into a variety of complex shapes. In the same traffic load conditions, the outer diameter of the mineral insulated cable will be smaller than other kinds of cable, also is more light weight for other kinds of cable. It is more convenient to install. For the fire control circuit, the mineral insulated cable will take up small space on lay by flame retardant & fire resistant of the organic insulated cable. Especially for the some old line reconstruction with narrow space layout, the mineral insulated cable is more obvious.
    Due to current carrying capacity of mineral insulated cable is higher than the general cable and the copper sheath can be used as a grounding wire, can save one core for conductor. Under the condition of normal use life: the general PVC cable is about 20 years, XLPE cable is about 40 years, and the theory life of mineral insulated cable can be 200 years. So from the perspective of the price of mineral insulated, it has very perfectly on use effect. It can be used as a variety of choice for long-term working under high temperature environment, and the old rushed rate is very slow. So the mineral insulated cable is a kind of "permanent" type and safety cable





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