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  1. 普工 Ordinary workers14-07-08 05:22:5710名
  2. 维修车工Maintenance worker13-12-19 05:14:001名
  3. 技术员Tec. Worker13-12-19 02:20:001名
  4. 绞线、挤塑、成缆(熟练工、主机手、机长)Stranded wire, extruded and ca13-12-12 10:21:005名

普工Ordinary workers

岗位名称:普工 position: Ordinary workers
所属部门:生产部 department: produce department
主要职责:The main duties and responsibilities
1 严格遵守公司及车间、班组制度的各种规章制度。Strictly abide by rules and regulations of the company and workshop, shift system
2 严格按照所在工序操作工艺要求进行作业,自觉服从工作安排。In strict accordance with the process operation process requires, consciously obey the work arrangement
3 强化品质观念和工作责任心,各工序作业者须检查前工序作业的品质、并确保自己经手的材料、制品无错混与不良流到下工序。To strengthen the quality concept and work sense of responsibility, required to check the quality of the process operation for each working procedure before the operators, and ensure their handling of the material, products without fault to mix with the bad and go to the next working procedure
4 增强效率意识,加强协调配合,确保当班生产任务的按时完成。Enhance efficiency consciousness, strengthen the coordination, to ensure the production tasks are completed on time on duty
5 在生产过程中发现异常和发生意外,须立即向上级报告,不得隐瞒和擅自处理。In the process of production, if found the abnormal and accident, should immediately report to the superior, shall not conceal and disposed of without authorization
6 定位摆放现场所有设备、物料、工具,确保现场整洁、走道通畅。Positioning put the site all equipment, materials, tools, ensure the orderly, aisle
7 注意节能,作业完关好水、电、气。Pay attention to energy saving, operation after the close of water, electricity, gas
8 加强学习,努力提高技能,增进团队合作意识。Strengthen learning, and strive to improve skills, enhance team cooperation consciousness
9 上级交代的其他工作。other work which is asked by superior
任职要求:requirement for position
1、教育水平:  初中或以上学历Education level: junior high school or above
2、专业:不限Profession: Any
3、培训经历:有本岗位操作的培训Trained experience: have the operation training
4、工作经验:不限Work experience: unlimited
5、专业知识:具备本岗位的普工操作知识Professional knowledge: knowledge common worker operation of this position
6、专业技能:具备本岗位的普工操作技能Professional skills: this position of commonworker skills
7、个性特质:踏实认真Personality traits: prudence seriously
8、其它要求:服从性好Other requirements: good obey 联系人:杨颖Connect: YIN YANG
联系电话(Tel):61039098   15978970563

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